Did Someone Order a Sandwich? (The new normal of raising children while caring for an aging parent)

I try to keep my voice soft because: how can I really know the answers? So I do my best to be patient, not freak out, and answer. all. the. questions.

On being a member of the  sandwich generation which refers to those who take care of an aging loved one while still taking care of children.

Maybe Some Potholes are Good For the Soul

There are some things that just can’t be “fixed,” like parents dying, parents getting a divorce, or parents forced to give their child up for adoption.  We will have kids from all these circumstances, come May 29th.  I feel so grateful that I can’t fix all that, because that would be a lot of pressure, to say the least.  As I step into the world of step parenting, I’m even more grateful that I know God will do something here and that he will fill these “potholes” with himself and his grace.  Oh, to know Jesus, gives so much freedom.