WHAT?? YOU SPEAK TOO? — Yes! As much as we like to process on the page, we also love to share about life and faith to real, live groups of people. Face to face is our jam.

WHAT TYPE OF EVENTS DO YOU PREFER? — Small groups. Large Groups. Ladies groups. Co-ed groups. It doesn’t matter! We’re up for the task.

WHAT TOPICS DO YOU SPEAK ON?  — We can speak on a wide range of topics: Adoption, Grief, Parenting, Identity in Christ, Marriage, Blended Families, Aging Parents just to name a few. We love sharing our personal stories/testimonies as well as digging into God’s word together in a more formal, Bible study type format. And retreats?? They make our heart sing! We can speak as a group or individually. It really doesn’t matter. Promise we won’t take it personally if you have your heart set on someone in particular. 

If you are looking for a speaker or speakers for your event, please contact us.

We’d love to see if we could be a fit for your group! 

Speaking Engagements — 

Megan: May 29, 2016 — First United Methodist Church, Windsor, CO

October 15, 2016 — Northern Colorado Women’s Retreat, First United Methodist, Windsor, CO

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