About Me:

When I initially started my first blogging endeavor, it started with, “We are a family of four, nestled in the shadow of Pikes Peak.”  My blog was an attempt to document our cute little upcoming story of adopting a baby from Ethiopia. I knew that adoption stories didn’t always go exactly according to plan, so I named my blog, “Writing in Pencil.”  Little did I know how fitting that title would be, as we had an incredibly difficult adoption journey. Not only that, but about 8 months after bringing our daughter home from Ethiopia, my perfectly fit husband was running to work, when he had a massive heart attack and died instantly. The following months included a back injury, pain, surgery, grief, raising not just one child from trauma now, but three, and seriously doubting the goodness of the God, let alone the existence of the God I had believed in so faithfully since I was a little girl.

These years are by far the most painful and the most precious. They have held the deepest hurt and the also the richest blessings. One of which is knowing that Jesus is my EVERY EVERYTHING. So, now, we are a family of four in the shadow of Pikes Peak, learning how to walk with Jesus through the unexpected twists and turns of our story. 

Speaking of story . . . if you want to know more of mine from the start of my initial blog through the months after Dave’s death, you can read it all here, which is my first, “writing in pencil,” blog.

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