The Red Robin Got Me to Counseling

A couple Sundays ago, Tony and I had a date night.  We were looking forward to having a little dinner after a long week with 5 blending kids home over Thanksgiving break.  Lord, have mercy!  So, we settled on a quiet, little, quaint restaurant called, “Red Robin,” (how we ended up there, I’ll never know), with a drink menu in front of us.  And in that moment, a drink sounded pretty relaxing and adult.

Observations About the Happiest Place on Earth

If Disney World is supposed to be the “happiest place on earth” then someone should’ve told that to the lady who WENT OFF on the workers at Hollywood Studios’ Toy Story ride.  We were jammed in line for what seemed like FOREVER because the ride broke down when we were smack in the middle, noContinue reading “Observations About the Happiest Place on Earth”

On Tending to Man-Flu and Dismounting the Crazy Train

My husband was sick this week. I mean, the kind of sick that took him completely out of commission for at least three days. When I told another guy that Scott was down for the count he said, “Oh, mate — he’s got man flu!” (The guy’s British. Everything sounds believable when delivered with a British accent.) I rolled my eyes. Say what?? Yeah, the guy says this is a real thing. Men get hit harder than women. Reeeeaaaaallly…..? Insert another eye roll. 

Dave Dad, Tony Dad, and Leah Story Kate

I think I might try to write this blog, mostly in pictures, with just a little background.  Leah is my almost seven year old.  She was barely four years old when Dave died.  She is my child with a fair amount of Scandinavian blood coursing through her veins, based on her propensity towards remaining stoic,Continue reading “Dave Dad, Tony Dad, and Leah Story Kate”

“Mom, What Are You Really Afraid Of…?”

Of course there need to be guidelines for social media and technology use, but the reality is that even if I buckle down like it’s Fort Knox, the minute he walks out the door there’s a whole buffet of opportunities waiting for him on the devices in his friends’ hands — in carpools or walking around school — to play or see or do whatever! 

He listened and then he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Mom, what are you really afraid of?”

I knew it was now or never. I had to come clean. 

Transracial Families: More Than Skin Deep?

“A couple of months ago, a friend looked straight across the table at me through her gorgeous African American eyes and said, “How do you, a white woman, expect to raise a black man in America?”

I swear to you, in that moment, my heart galloped. I honestly had NO IDEA what to say. My mind went dark and I began to blubber and stutter and, honestly, question the entire call. Who am I?”