The Mother of All 4-Letter Words

You guys — I recently discovered a new candidate for the mother of all four-letter words. This one is a doozy. No record label is going to slap the word EXPLICIT on anyone’s album because it’s in the lyric, but I’m telling you, its sneaky, subtle savvy is dangerous.

This word has nothing to do with unmentionable things or behaviors and everything to do with our view of ourselves and ultimately, if I may be so bold, of the God who created us for a purpose. 

This four-letter word is capable of belittling so many people, not the least of which is me.

This is Us – and This is Tough!

TV shows be darned…they still have a hold on me even after all these years of Netflix options, Hulu binge-watching, and Apple TV-palooza. Bottom line? Hollywood still has my number. Case in point: last nights’ episode of This Is Us – the complex, character-driven, 1-hour drama that has taken my Tuesday night by storm in theContinue reading “This is Us – and This is Tough!”

The Complex Journey of Parenting Teens

My mom always used to say, about parenting us girls, that she loved each year more than the previous. She swore parenting just got better and better as we got older.

All I have to say is, we must’ve been some angels! Or time has blurred the reality of how it all went down because, in my experience, these years of mothering teens and pre-teens has been some of the trickiest to date. And that’s saying something because I was a hot mess when the kids were babies. In those days, Scott would barely walk in the door from work and I was already throwing the parenting baton like a flaming hot potato at his face. “Your turn,” I’d declare. “I’m tapping out!”

Although the ticking of the clock can often be scary as we march on towards the end of life, maybe it graciously brings much-needed perspective as well. Time has a way of softening certain memories. Of showing us how we are capable of walking through hard things and reminding us, this too shall pass.

Trying to Make Sense of Our Divided World

When our world is in chaos, we humans do the only thing we know to do. We try to make sense of it.

We stretch our minds to find any threads of sense in what seems like a nonsensical situation.

We cry, we laugh, we scream, we fight. But at the end of the day, our brains get to work. We start asking why and trying to figure out exactly ‘what’s going on’. We grasp at any semblance of normalcy we can find. When our world (either macro or micro) seems out of control, our focus often narrows to pinpoint precision. We zero in on our latitude and longitude and wonder how this chaos will affect us and those we care about.