A Letter to the Rocky Mountain “High” State

Dear Colorado: I’ve lived inside your borders since before I started to walk.  I’ve called various cities, towns and suburbs my home, from the Front Range to the Western Slope. I’ve cheered on bad-ass bull-riders at the Greeley Independence stampede, donned my country-best (which isn’t much but still…) at Grand Junction’s “Country Jam,” studied inContinue reading “A Letter to the Rocky Mountain “High” State”

A Letter to David Nelson (NY Jet and Future Adoptive Dad)

Hey David, Most people know you as the extremely gorgeous, rock star wide-receiver for the New York Jets.  Or, the guy who caught the national-championship winning touchdown from Florida Gators’ quarterback, Tim Tebow.  But not me.   Honestly, I had never heard of you before today.  Didn’t know you from Adam.  But I just watchedContinue reading “A Letter to David Nelson (NY Jet and Future Adoptive Dad)”

A Letter to Dishonest Moms & Dads

Dear Moms & Dads, It happened the other day; one of those moments we all dread. My son called me out on a parenting inconsistency. He told me he didn’t get to watch the same shows at age 10 that his little sister gets to watch now thereby informing me that our media standards haveContinue reading “A Letter to Dishonest Moms & Dads”

A Letter to Kara Tippetts

Dear Kara Tippetts, When I first started reading your blog (I’m sure anyone reading my blog has read hers), and learning of your plight with cancer, I felt like I had something to offer to you.  I felt like I wanted to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and tell you that your kidsContinue reading “A Letter to Kara Tippetts”

A Letter to Writer’s Block

Dear Writer’s Block, I have a serious bone to pick with you. According to Wikipedia you are “a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new writing.” Why must you plague me now? What gives?! A team is only as strong as its weakest link and I haveContinue reading “A Letter to Writer’s Block”

A Letter to 29 Days of the Month

Dear 29 Days of the Month, Sometimes I don’t see the grand design. I think most of us can agree that there are multiple 24 hour stretches of time that just seem full of entropy, missed connections and misunderstood purpose. This letter is to those days. And it seems like there are more challenging days thenContinue reading “A Letter to 29 Days of the Month”