Going Grey; The Real Deal of Momentous Decisions

This process of aging, getting older, cresting into middle age is not for sissies, people! Related to that, I’ve decided to go grey. I can no longer keep up with the root touch-ups, salon visits, and highlighting work that is required of those of us who don’t walk around with their natural hair color. AndContinue reading “Going Grey; The Real Deal of Momentous Decisions”

Did Someone Order a Sandwich? (The new normal of raising children while caring for an aging parent)

I try to keep my voice soft because: how can I really know the answers? So I do my best to be patient, not freak out, and answer. all. the. questions.

On being a member of the  sandwich generation which refers to those who take care of an aging loved one while still taking care of children.

A Letter to Christian Cliches

I am not one to quibble about little phrases overused in society (yep. I am, actually) but one I see with regularity is “God showed up.” Examples: “You should have seen that car accident! God showed up and the onlooker was able to pull the man out of the burning truck.” “Last night at theContinue reading “A Letter to Christian Cliches”