Feeling Not So Empowered to Empower to Connect

So, sit down with me at a bench at Memorial Park and hear me whine. I heard whispers and statements about how step parenting is the hardest thing people have ever done in their lives, but I HAD NO IDEA!  I have parented an adopted child from trauma, but I have never parented a child that is not mine, that I see only on days when they do not have school, that is from trauma, and is often times unkind to his brothers and sisters (that means MY KIDS) and has little to no respect for me and puts on a very different face for his dad (MY HUSBAND). Good Golly!  I repeat . . .NO IDEA!  NO CLUE!

My Need for Control . . . Part Deux

My last post was an admittance of sorts about how maybe I have a little problem with control. When it comes to me and Spencer, Leah and Macie, I don’t want anyone telling me what to do . . . even my husband.  In this post, I was going to further explain how we are both letting go of our control and how much more amazing our marriage is for it.  

Why are Christians Backing Donald POTUS Trump??

WHAT IN THE SAM H—E—DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS IS GOING ON HERE?? You guys, let me add my voice to the cacophony of chatter and say I am legitimately flummoxed. I absolutely cannot make sense of the fact that a guy like Donald Trump actually has a shot at being our next POTUS. I just keepContinue reading “Why are Christians Backing Donald POTUS Trump??”