Trying to Make Sense of Our Divided World

When our world is in chaos, we humans do the only thing we know to do. We try to make sense of it.

We stretch our minds to find any threads of sense in what seems like a nonsensical situation.

We cry, we laugh, we scream, we fight. But at the end of the day, our brains get to work. We start asking why and trying to figure out exactly ‘what’s going on’. We grasp at any semblance of normalcy we can find. When our world (either macro or micro) seems out of control, our focus often narrows to pinpoint precision. We zero in on our latitude and longitude and wonder how this chaos will affect us and those we care about. 

Going Grey; The Real Deal of Momentous Decisions

This process of aging, getting older, cresting into middle age is not for sissies, people! Related to that, I’ve decided to go grey. I can no longer keep up with the root touch-ups, salon visits, and highlighting work that is required of those of us who don’t walk around with their natural hair color. AndContinue reading “Going Grey; The Real Deal of Momentous Decisions”

The Aldridge Side

I have always gotten along with Dave’s family. There has never been a time when there was a lot of conflict or great frustration between me and Dave’s parents, or any other family member of his.  I was always welcomed in and they certainly never meddled, almost to a fault.  But there has been a little change in our relationship (it is probably just on my side, so I’m not speaking for them), since Dave died. 

Mothers as Daughters — To Raise a Daughter We Must Be One

For me, taking the role of mother seems so much “easier” sometimes because I don’t have to be vulnerable or ask for help. I don’t have to let my guard down and allow others in. As mother, I often vie for control. As daughter, I have to admit someone else might know better and have my best interest in mind.

One could argue that motherhood is really about daughterhood. It is only when we understand what it means to be a daughter, that we can truly be the mothers God created us to be.