Choosing God in the Darkest Moments

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to share my story through a failed adoption, a successful adoption, through Dave’s death, and through terrible physical pain, and how my faith moved from a belief system to a simple love for Jesus.  Thank you for everyone who has walked with me through these past few years and thanks for listening if you get a chance.   

A Letter to Mothers of Teenage Boys

Dear MOTBs: How do you do it?   How do you watch the child you swaddled, nursed and cuddled grow into a young man?  The child you got down on your hands and knees to play cars with no matter how mind-numbing it felt to drive around the same track over and over again.  TheContinue reading “A Letter to Mothers of Teenage Boys”

A Letter to the Rocky Mountain “High” State

Dear Colorado: I’ve lived inside your borders since before I started to walk.  I’ve called various cities, towns and suburbs my home, from the Front Range to the Western Slope. I’ve cheered on bad-ass bull-riders at the Greeley Independence stampede, donned my country-best (which isn’t much but still…) at Grand Junction’s “Country Jam,” studied inContinue reading “A Letter to the Rocky Mountain “High” State”