About Me:

Because of some difficult seasons, I realized writing my thoughts was a way for me to understand how I felt about them. It’s therapy and it keeps me busy enough to not be a helicopter parent – both things for which my husband is thankful.

Be Brave. And do not pray for the hard thing to go away. But pray for a bravery to come that’s bigger than the hard thing

— Ann Voskamp

I believe in the words of Psalm 138:3 that tell me when I call on Him, He answers and makes me strong and brave.

If you want to know more about my story on the original blog click here.

. . . and then there’s this:

* I once got snotted on by a brahma bull. I was 13. Hundreds of people were watching.

* I am 48% detailed, 17% chaotically unorganized, 100% excited about Writing in Pencil, & 12%-ish inept at math.

* Least favorite word or activity is hearing the phrase, “we just ran out of red wine.”


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