Why are Christians Backing Donald POTUS Trump??


You guys, let me add my voice to the cacophony of chatter and say I am legitimately flummoxed. I absolutely cannot make sense of the fact that a guy like Donald Trump actually has a shot at being our next POTUS.

I just keep thinking somebody’s going to pinch me and I’ll wake up. That somehow this is all a crazy dream and we’ve entered the Twilight Zone or Bizzarro World or at the very least, the end times. Perhaps Jesus is tying his shoes as we speak.

Who are all the folks backing this guy? And why do I not know any of you?!

Or do I actually know you and you’re hiding in the proverbial political closet because you can imagine the incredulous, judgmental look that would ambush my face the instant you come clean?

I read article after article and watch video after video absolutely lambasting the guy — and yet — his popularity only grows. And not only does it grow, but it is popping up like pimples on a 15-year-old’s face among “Evangelical Christian” voters. Apparently straw polls would throw me into that category. 

I am telling you straw poll people, whoever you are, that I am not ever, ever, as long as I live voting for Donald Trump for president. And yes, I am a Christian.

My inner dialogue channels Wayne’s World as I type.

I’m all, “Donald Trump CANNOT be the next President of the United States!”

Garth’s all, “Dude, he’s presa-liscious.”

I’m like, “No way!”

Wayne’s like, “Waaay!!”

How is it that Christians raked Bill Clinton over the coals for how things went down with Monica Lewinsky (pardon the pun) and yet there is a large faction of folks that would back Donald Trump for the same office?

This morning I heard a story on public radio that suggested the reason he’s gaining such support among Evangelical Christians is because that group of people wants a “strong leader.” Okay, sure. A strong leader would be good. But not an authoritarian bigot! 

You know, the more I think about it, it seems like Satan would like nothing more than to divide the body of Christ in this way. For some time now, I’ve sensed a shift in the spiritual atmosphere and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re on the cusp of revival. People are hungry for something real. Something eternal and unconditional and full of ever-loving grace. At least I am!

I’m hungry for a world that looks like the one Jesus talked about, one that takes care of the poor and the oppressed, the alien, orphan and widow. A world that doesn’t “belong” to us because it BELONGS TO GOD!

What better way to divide such a powerful movement of the Spirit than to throw someone like Donald Trump into the political arena? After all, doesn’t he represent the classic “American Dream”, me-first mentality? He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, to whomever he wants in order to get WHAT he wants.

May I suggest, instead of looking for a “radical” voice against the establishment (which Trump supporters purport him to be), mightn’t we look for someone who establishes a voice of radical reconciliation and love? Who that might be I’m not entirely sure, but it sure as heck is not Mr Trump. 

I can’t help but think of the Old Testament, when the people cried out to God for a King, a judge, anyone who could lead them! And God honored their request.

I just hope He doesn’t honor “ours”….

Christina’s Take: 

Every morning I glance at the headlines and feel as puzzled as you, Megan, that this guy keeps tearin’ it up in state after state. In each of the 85,000 debates (I’m exaggerating…but only a little) Trump seems to talk the loudest, promise the most, provide the least amount of detail, and “alpha-male” circles around the others. maybe it’s leadership the people crave, maybe it’s an outsider folks long for. Whatever it is, this is no fluke anymore.

I’m tempted to write in Captain America on my ballot and just see what happens…it’s been that kind of election year! 

Holly’s Take:

I keep waiting for someone to say, “Just Kidding!” about the whole thing.  The whole level of debate between these candidates, excluding John Kasich, seemed to belong on a 7th grade, back of the building, school yard. Unbelievable.  I keep thinking, SURELY, some news will shake out that will for reals weed this clown out of here, but none of it even matters.  When I picture him in the oval office, I can only picture him pretending to be president, but not actually being president.  And I hope I’m not in the category of evangelical, if there is going to now be some connection between evangelicals and Trump.  I mean, I know Jesus loves him and maybe I could even love him, but I CAN NOT understand why on this green earth he has so many supporters.  Surely, surely, surely, there will be some twist coming that will prevent him from taking office.  

3 thoughts on “Why are Christians Backing Donald POTUS Trump??

  1. I have wondered the same thing! Belittling others and being downright mean is against everything Jesus teaches. Why would a Christian support that?


    1. I know that the political arena is a dicey one in the Christian community, but I agree. You’d think we could all stack hands on this one!


  2. Well, I had to come to this blog after it was mentioned yesterday and I am glad that I did. It is refreshing to know that my husband and I are not the only ones who feel this way! NEVER EVER TRUMP is our household motto! Last I heard we are to credit God, not ourself, for success. Does he know this? I am truly baffled at his popularity.


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