A Letter to the Ebola Czar

Dear Ebola Czar,

I am sorry to hear about your crappy new job.  What was that conversation like with Barack, I wonder?

O: Hey bud, how would you like to be America’s first Ebola Czar? We could really use your help. I don’t know if you’ve been looking at the news but we haven’t had a great week because #hemorrhagicfever. So what do you say, bud?

You: Um, okay. Thanks for the new job, I guess?

Here are some of my favorite tweets about your new job:

News: Don’t panic about Ebola, but please watch this nonstop coverage about how it could spread everywhere and kill you. Don’t panic though (from: @TheMichaelRock)

I don’t know if you really meant to Like Ebola on Facebook, 8,000 people (from: @MaraWritesStuff)

You didn’t ask me but I do have a word of advice for you:

Please don’t make us more afraid than we already are.

We’re closing schools, we cancelling our dream vacations, we’re taking our temperature every 7 minutes – and it’s all because we are scared.

There’s a reason why movies like Outbreak and Quarantine are hits at the box office and, here’s a hint, it’s not because of the great acting.

I think it’s possible for you to spread something else in your new job. What if you could spread peace? Okay, maybe it’s not as sexy as those protective suits. But it’s a little better for our blood pressure and our outlook on life.

I’ve heard of Passing the Peace which is a time when people reach out to shake hands, look each other in the eye and each in their own way pass on a peaceful sentiment to one another. If you put “Passing the Peace” as one of your Ebola Czar mandates, I’d also pass out free hand sanitizer. Sorry, this is adding up to a lot of advice. But maybe peace is something you’d consider spreading like a germ-free contagion (oxymoron?).

All I know for sure is during my most intense moments of crisis and chaos I can, if I choose to surrender to it, find peace.

This peace says I’m not alone. This peace says I am loved. It says this will pass – whatever “this” is. The peace tells me I am WAY too small to actually control or help this situation in any real way. It gives me permission to take a deep breath and not be “on top of it.” There is a resignation in this peace – a cessation of yearning, searching and clawing for relief.

Mr. Ebola Czar, this isn’t trite. It’s a step off of a cliff….a willingness to try and sit in a chair I haven’t always been positive is there. This is a risk. This is not for the faint of heart.

What happens when, even in 10 minute increments, I say Peace is in charge? All of the sudden for 10 minutes, I don’t have to convince anyone, scoff at others’ inaction or…WORRY.

10 minutes – it’s a tiny word but a grand experiment that takes a small amount of time and a giant dose of courage.

I know you’ve got the chops for this, Sir Ebola Czar Sir. After all, from here on out, you have to show people your resume – THAT SAYS YOU ARE THE EBOLA CZAR. Wow. Pretty niche, I’d say.

And I wouldn’t know but I’m betting it takes courage to run the Get-Rid-Of-Ebola show and I’m sorry for the days ahead for you. No fun. You probably need a little peace, too.

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