A Letter to David Nelson (NY Jet and Future Adoptive Dad)

Hey David,

Most people know you as the extremely gorgeous, rock star wide-receiver for the New York Jets.  Or, the guy who caught the national-championship winning touchdown from Florida Gators’ quarterback, Tim Tebow.  But not me.  

Honestly, I had never heard of you before today.  Didn’t know you from Adam.  But I just watched a five minute video about you and your brother and the hearts you both have for your nine (yes, nine!) Haitian kids.  And I am blown away.

I am wide-eyed and teary-eyed and so full of conviction and hope, I can hardly stand it.  My heart burst in a million little ways as I watched your story unfold before me from the comfort of my suburban kitchen.

Your testimony is powerful, life-changing and inspiring.  

But what do I do with the tender story I’ve seen?

You had (and have) it all.  Money.  Fame.  Power.  Prestige.  Your not-to-shabby appearance probably doesn’t hurt either.  You confess you once lived out of “selfishness” and “vanity,” wanting all this world has to offer (see list above) while wanting for nothing.  And yet, one trip to Haiti to help clean up after their devastating earthquake changed everything.

You saw a kid.  Trapped in rebar.  You stopped. You offered him food, candy, games.  You offered him the world.  But he refused it all.  He looked up at you and asked for one thing.  He wanted to be held.  He wanted the one thing.  He wanted a hug.  He wanted – LOVE.  

He didn’t want the world.  He wanted you.  

You picked him up.  You hugged him and your world changed forever.  You and your brother started a foundation called I’m Me and rented a house in Port-Au-Prince to help take care of the fatherless in a city teeming with just about nothing else.  One day you got a phone call from a local Haitian that there were five children on the verge of death.  But when you got to Haiti to bring them in, you found out there were nine – not five.  Nine kids.  Living in complete and utter filth and suffering.  And you didn’t walk away.  You entered into their mess.

Now, with the help of a Haitian staff and some American volunteers, you and your brother are taking care of nine kids you plan to adopt.  Your body is here in the US, playing football for your home team, but your heart is half-a-world-away on an island in the poorest region of the world.  Tears run down your cheek as you skype with them and your eyes get lost in theirs.  You are ruined for love of them.  

I want to tell you to I see God in your story.  A redemptive God with a heart bigger than all the yuck of this world.  You say these kids have given you more than you have given them.

And you know what?  I believe you.  I believe your story is now part of a bigger one that is just getting started.  You are a member of a different team.  A God-shaped team. 

And that is a team worth rooting for …. God bless you.

TO SEE THE FULL STORY – CLICK HERE (It’s totally worth it.  Just don’t expect to walk away the same…)

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