A Letter to Wonder Woman

It’s super fun, when in stressful seasons, to think of you, Wonder Woman and your hyper-abilities. It transports me out of myself to think of all the things you can do much more quickly than I can.

I picture you in your shiny red boots, some kind of super bling gold jog bra (with lots of support). You have a spray tan of course, a perfectly frilly but no-nonsense mini-skirt, blue/black silky-clean, hot-rolled hair flowing around perfectly as you blaze around the sky and earth being productive to help and to serve fellow man

As much fun as it is to daydream about you, I am betting you intimidate people at dinner parties.

After all, when someone asks how your weekend is going, what are you supposed to say? You’re just being honest when you list the highlights; brunch with Batman & Robin, a repaint of the house, quality time with the kids, with an important speech to civic leaders thrown in. You gab with wit and wisdom while putting on an air of “oh it’s nothing, really. I’m just keeping up with the Jones’s like everybody else.”

But you probably fly OVER the Jones’s house to make sure their cat isn’t stuck in the tree limb. You are incorrigible. Especially at this dinner party – I am already losing my appetite for the canapés – just being in your company. Your little Wonder Woman “get-up” doesn’t even have pockets, for the love

So let’s quit this charade and be realistic, Double Dubs. There’s a bit of wear and tear on that vinyl used-to-be shiny, booted outfit, right? You’re a hard worker, pretty organized, more or less but you definitely need root touch ups more than you’d like to admit. Oh, sure, you can manage the crap out of a checklist but you don’t always feel like you’re serving mankind – maybe the end product in your world feels a little more….well…ordinary sometimes.

But in MY little world of carpool, permission slips, timesheets and Costco, I can kind of get my head around this super-hero concept. I can do more than the average gal. I can do it with a loving tone, a lack of road rage and always be listening to a wholesome podcast in the car. THIS is the Wonder Woman I can conjure.

And I bet we can approach Wonder Woman status – we may just need snow tires, many phone charging stations along the way and an unlimited budget, can I get an amen?

But that brings me to our goal for this blog. This is most distinctly NOT a place for the #humblebrags and the Super Women. This is a place for

…..the rest of us.

I swear this is a true story: I went straight from my very first moms group meeting (circa 1882) to Dillard’s because I realized after comparing myself to everybody that I had the wrong shoes!

Girls!?! I paid way too much money for shoes I couldn’t afford because I couldn’t get over it!

The “rest of us” is a phrase we like because it conveys a level playing field. We hope the comparisons fall flat here because we’re having a chuckle not adding to the checklist.

We want you to laugh a little, be challenged on occasion and feel loved on whether you’re sitting on the toilet with your phone or just taking a short break from all that belongs to your busy day.

Make this a place where your heart can make a soft landing and can once in a while take a hard look at True things.

Pretend you’re at a dinner party, and Wonder Woman is there, but you’d rather hang out with “the rest of us.” Doesn’t that sound like fun?

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