A Letter to the Christian Blog World

I have a question for the seemingly infinite blog-o-sphere:  Are you full?  Meaning, is there any room in the inn for another blog?  Or, are you saturated, at capacity, and ready to throw up the “no vacancy” sign?

I wonder this because our little tribe of three is adding one more blog to your already crowded cyber real estate.  I’m not sure exactly how many blogs currently exist in the world, but I’m betting the numbers rival those of the national debt.  That’s a heck of a lot of blogs.  Blogs about decorating and orphan care and people chatting at the sky.

Do you really have room for one more?

Let’s just say you do have room because the world-wide-interweb is as vast as the universe itself.  A better question would be do you want another one?

There are already some truly amazing, faith-based blogs out there – what with, @lysaterkeurst, @annvoskamp, @jennieallen, @jenhatmaker, @thenester, @emilypfreeman and the like peppering the airwaves with their salty, inspiring, challenging, funny, poetic, thought-provoking words.  I love and follow all those women!  They have wonderful things to say, yet I barely have time to read what they produce.

Is it worth adding to the caucophony of voices?  Maxing capacity in inboxes bursting at the seams?

I guess we think it is.  It’s kind of like wondering if there are too many stars in the universe.  The stars are too numerous to count, but each one twinkles with it’s own light, in its own unique space and time – to be enjoyed by the people that are meant to enjoy it at that moment.  And each star connects to the others, creating beautiful new pictures in the night sky.  Each star is a contributing member of the whole wonderous tapestry of light.

Perhaps that’s what one more blog can be.  A piece of the tapestry.  Another signpost to the bigger picture – the one where the ultimate victory was won at the cross.  The Apostle John tells us in the book of Revelation (12:11) that we will “overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.”  That’s a pretty stacked promise!

So blog world, that’s what we’re clinging to.  A promise to overcome as we type away, adding words and phrases that unpack real, authentic life, faith, struggles and joys that ultimately and always point back to the cross.

Thanks for welcoming us to the neighborhood.  I, for one, think a block party is in order!                          

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